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Investment Attractiveness Report

The scope of Investment Attractiveness Report is to attract potential investors, both domestic and foreign. Starting talks about getting investments without a proper assessment is impossible. Therefore, this product is designed primarily for startups, i.e. companies or projects that are in the process of development or research on promising markets. The purpose of this report is to encourage investment in a particular project/Company, as well as informing foreign and domestic investors about an investee.


Investment Attractiveness Report is the extensive and comprehensive assessment and contains many sections, which help to inform potential investors in details about a Project/Company. In this regard, much emphasis is made on Project overview, its strategy, description of business processes in this Project, manufactured product or provided services as well as information about its leaders and team. An essential role is laid upon market overview and marketing.

The key point in Project`s evaluation of investment attractiveness is its financial information. The Report provides investment plan of a Project with its gradual breakdown. It also includes financial plan and estimation of appropriate financial indicators. All these serves as the basis for evaluation of a Project`s investment attractiveness. It involves analysis of the payback period of a Project, its profitability, calculation of net present value and internal rate of return.

Risk management and legal analysis are of no less importance. Analysis of risks enables to determine possible threats associated with a Project implementation, taking into account operating, financial, and country ones, as well as measures on their suppression. Legal analysis is required to confirm legal capacity of the entity responsible for Project implementation. It allows investor to determine that the Company carries out its activities adhering to the requirements of national and international legislation, thus confirming it as a reliable partner.


As a result of investment attractiveness analysis, in the final section of the report conclusions and independent opinion of the Agency on the advisability of investing in a Project are provided. In accordance with the findings an appropriate investment rating is assigned.

It is worth noting that the study of investment attractiveness has a wide range of applications. It allows you not only to assess the advantages and disadvantages of a particular investment Project, but also an opportuneness of investment climate in a particular region or industry. The main users of the Investment Attractiveness Report are banks, asset management companies, international and local financial institutions and other partners.