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Credit ratings are assigned by Credo Line Agency as a result of companies (mainly importers) creditworthiness investigations that are performed in the form of credit reports. One of these reports is Status Credit Report. It represents an integrated summary of credit information about an importer that includes a set of data and analysis required by ECA`s underwriters to make a decision regarding insurance of a particular transaction or a credit line. This type of report provides assignment of a short-term credit rating.


Short-term credit rating is an expert opinion of Credo Line, showing compact data of the target Company on the basis of official information on a short-term horizon. The validity of such credit opinions lasts up to 3 months.


This type of rating enables to evaluate minimally possible risks of cooperation with the counterparty. That is, on the basis of short-term credit rating, supplier can promptly provide trade credit in a minimum volume, and ECA can insure it.


Status Credit Report offers its users a range of essential information. It contains general registration and contact information, information on founders, management, activities, number of employees, foreign economic activity, assets, branches, bank accounts. It also includes information on the participation in the capital of other companies, securities issue, debt collection, bankruptcy.


Analytical section of the report includes financial information, calculation of appropriate indicators, graphs allowing a user to see the dynamics of certain articles of the reporting and indices better.


An important indicator enabling to evaluate the risks of cooperation with the counterparty is the presence of permanent partnership links. In this connection, Status Credit Report reveals key partners and customers of the enterprise. It also contains information about the presence of related companies, provides a rating history of research object.


Final part of the report presents a comment about how process of a company's creditworthiness research was carried out, what communication was with its representatives. Also the section provides independent analytical conclusion of the Agency, credit rating, and estimated minimum safe credit limit for collaboration with a Company.


This type of report has been designed to make it possible for its user to apply and analyze the provided information uncomplicatedly. Quality of this report is confirmed by our great experience. A very important role belongs to the fact that Credo Line is the only specialized rating agency in Ukraine, which assigns credit ratings to Ukrainian importers while carrying out foreign economic activity. In addition, the Agency regularly assigns credit ratings and investigates creditworthiness of businesses worldwide.


Doing our job we use only the most reliable and fresh data, which if necessary are subject to reusable verifications cooperating with our worldwide information partners. We also hold interviews with companies` managers - over the telephone or personally, which often is quite essential aspect when assessing a company's objective status. Our team is a team of well-trained financial analysts and risk managers, knowing well how to process and analyze information and requested data, no matter which country is being dealt with.


As can be seen from the above, Credo Line credit report is an accurate credit investigation, facilitating the process of decision making on credit/insurance for its final user. In other cases, such report becomes an essential tool when starting/expanding cooperation with a partner.


Basic outlines of Credo Line credit reports are objectivity, actuality and reliability. Being an expert in credit information and data collection, Credo Line has become a confident provider of international credit checks.

Upon request, the customer will be directed the pricing and delivery terms offer along with the sample Status Credit Report.