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Legal Assistance within Trade Transactions with Ukrainian Enterprises

Nowadays, when the Ukrainian Groups of Companies attract loans, get involved in agreements with international companies and increase the level of processes transparency, there occurs the need to implement appropriate legal mechanisms.


In this regard, legal department of the Agency recommends its customers and partners to undertake a comprehensive legal analysis. In particular, it is about a number of legal products which become a necessity when a Customer (a company or a group of companies) is a party to international trade transactions. This legal analysis harmonizes legal and factual components of the enterprise. This essentially "throws light" to international community (ECAs, banks, exporters, other interested counterparties) on the variety of legal nuances and gaps that reside in the countries of the CIS region, and therefore - businesses in these countries.


An important part of legal analysis is represented by description of legal relationships among companies of a Group, as well as with related companies. Usually clear smoothly running interaction between companies warrants absence of corporate disputes in a Group. Often in order to confirm the cooperation between companies of a Group, as well as their relationships, noting the impossibility of any delayed payments to foreign partners, target companies sign a surety agreement with the direct assistance of the Agency.


Concluding a surety agreement, a Group of companies, as well as each company separately, aims to get opportunity of commodity supplies on credit terms from an exporter, as well as coverage of foreign export credit agency transactions. It also enables to show its foreign partners (exporters, ECA, banks, etc.) the full integration and transparency of a Group and all of its companies in the legal field.


An important tool within the legal reliability of any company involved in commercial transactions with foreign partners is also a legal opinion on the foreign trade contracts. When it comes to funding providing, as a rule, it is critically important for the lender to get a conclusion about corporate welfare of the borrower, as well as about the eligibility of all related documents.


It should be noted that the given services, provided by the Legal Department of Credo Line, comply with the standards and requirements of the international users - export credit agencies (ECAs), banks, suppliers, etc.

This complex of legal solutions is particularly efficient in the relationship system between importers and distributors for carrying out international transactions involving insurance coverage from the global ECAs.