Information and Rating Agency

Credit checks of contragents

In terms of current effects of the international crisis, as well as unstable situation in the country, backed by political and state defects, business today is a subject to a variety of risks. In particular it is about the risk of receivables that is inextricably linked with substantial losses for any business entity. There is no need to describe in details all the negative consequences that appear as a result of debt occurrence. They are very clear for each business manager. However, not always the manager on time comes to an understanding that prevention of debt occurrence is quite real and it is much more efficient than its collection and repayment, at best. At different stages this can be attributed to various factors: the fear of buyer losing, indigested policy of risk management etc.


However, to date, such a mechanism as counterparties monitoring has been developed more actively worldwide than in Ukraine. Given mechanism practiced by the Agency since its incorporation, includes a range of services, in which we offer the following benefits to each company in the process of professional management of receivables:


1. You see the financial efficiency of your borrowers before goods delivery;

2. You understand in which way your counterparties will be able to discharge obligations against you in case of inability to pay in the future;

3. You get an expert opinion on a borrower`s creditworthiness from the Agency, which is for many years the official partner of large foreign financial and insurance institutions, while professionalism and accuracy are their main requirements;

4. Based on the received credit opinion you have an opportunity to make a weighted decision on the advisability of cooperation with a new buyer;

5. You have the ability to trace current creditworthiness level of your goods supplier with the aim to predict its guarantees on timely goods delivery to you.


Using the complex of contractors monitoring services enables you to get an objective data on the level of loyalty and integrity of your partner, and sometimes - competitor. Nowadays, the availability of objective information and the application of new technologies are the major “trump cards” of each functioning business.


Credo Line Agency recommends introduction of this mechanism for any kind of business. This tool is particularly efficient for distributors and FMCG retail chains, where it helps to reduce the percentage of overdue payments significantly, eliminate the need of pre-trial and other proceedings or decrease such a need significantly.