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Analytical services

From time to time, the whole world is faced with market changes, country risks, global crises, and at last, but not the least, global pandemics.

All these and much more oblige the owners of any successful business to keep up with the times, as well as regularly analyze and objectively evaluate any trends and changes regarding the market within which the business operates.

Whether it's a global pandemic, a country crisis, high market risks, access to unknown markets and new countries’ entry, unpaid debts - our team of qualified analysts will help you correctly assess any risks, see the necessary facts, and also predict possible consequences and provide the required forecasts and calculations.

Having been working on the market of business information and rating services since 2008, today we are ready to offer you a number of analytical solutions that can meet the highest requirements, as well as - give answers to a variety of questions.If you don’t find below a product which suits your needs, notify us on this and we will be able to offer you an individual solution.

12 years of experience in the sphere of analytics and business information have provided us with our own unique methods of collecting data and information, an integrated approach and quite extensive tools for modeling our analytics.Your every request is individual for us - so individually we offer you a structured scenario for the project, depending on your goals and objectives.


Country Report 


Information and Rating Agency Credo Line prepares Country Reports based on the independent in-house analytical investigation. Country Report is drawn up once a month/quarter/half year/year on the results of the previous period. The purpose of this report is to inform the foreign export credit agencies, exporters, investors and various global trade and financial institutions about the situation inside the target country, its economic and political stability, as well as trends in the development of key sectors of the economy.

Country Report highlights key country’s economy developments, dynamics of the country's economic performance during the analyzed month, adoption of new codes and laws affecting business in the country, budgets, plans for development of the country, opinion of the Agency on their possible consequences.

Such Reports can be provided on any country of the world.


Market Report


Depending on the goal one sets, whether it’s a new market enter, new product launch or search of an alternative distribution channel or competitors’ monitoring, a comprehensive market investigation / certain segment analysis is required. The results of such analysis would enable an objective and in-depth assessment of a current market situation, minimization of all possible risks and would foster to develop the right strategy. Based on the Customer’s inquiry and terms, the Agency specialists scrupulously collect and process all required information, using the methods of systematic analysis, field and desk investigations, benchmarking, competitors’ due diligence, secret buyer method etc.


A standard comprehensive market research by the Agency may contain:

-Production volumes and sales
- import/export data
- research of a competitive environment
- prices monitoring
- search of potential partners
- study of legal barriers

 and all other information, required individually by each Customer 


Trade and Investment Report


Trade and Investment Report provides an overview of the performance of Ukraine (or any other country upon your request) in terms of attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), reviews of the most recent laws and regulations governing FDI flows and presents the major events concerned with FDI deals in the country. The report presents some of the main challenges that hinder further FDI inflows to the country, covers capital investment dynamics to investigated country enterprises. The main business climate and investment events are observed in it. The report also contains overview of international trade dynamics as well as recent developments on the investigated country stock market.


The report reviews investment climate developments at the regional level and the position of an investigated country in global FDI flows. Much attention is paid in regards of consideration of main challenges facing investigated country in the area of investment attraction and foreign trade, namely, weak enforcement of legislation; bureaucracy, corruption and red flags; and the dominance of Government sector. 


The main users of given report are banks, credit insurance companies, export credit agencies, international and local financial institutions, domestic and foreign exporters, importers and producers, investment funds, consulting and auditing bureaus.


Competitors' Monitoring Report  


In the process of cooperation with contractors, every day every business regardless of its activity is faced with various challenges: unfair compliance with partner or client agreements, untimely message about the opening of a bankruptcy case, a sharp loss of contractor`s solvency, occurrence of industry problems. 

This challenges lead to serious consequences, the principal of which are significant financial losses. However, all these can be avoided if there is a possibility to prepare in advance for adverse circumstances for enterprise. This means to learn and analyze timely the situation that has happened to its counterparty. The key instrument of such preparation is a product developed by the Agency – Competitors’ Monitoring Report. This is a unique service that allows you to quickly receive information about the status of your contractor or competitor.


The report describes in details activities of a company, considering it both as independent entity, and within the industry, as well as in view of its residency country. At the same time, an independent Agency’s opinion of its current state, prospects and possible directions for its future development are provided.


Mass Media & Social networks Monitoring Report 


It is quite clear that currently social networks and mass media are ‘number one’ channels where the most actual and full information is derived from, as well as turning into a must have tool for monitoring the latest updates. Nevertheless, due to availability of an extra volume of informational resources, it’s not so easy to process them personally. And which is most important – to process them in terms of obtaining exceptionally the necessary scope of data.


Thus, the Agency provides its Clients with the service of mass media and social networks monitoring in regards of news, regional, market, legal and other individual options , as well as – tendencies monitoring in the key social networks. Such monitoring may be elaborated upon weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly basis.  


Asset Trace Report


Unfortunately, nowadays we are forced to face fraud partners who are not solvent and subsequently sharply disappear sometimes, leaving behind bad debts.


In this regard, Agency’s Asset Trace Report would be very handy and useful. Ordering such a Report, you will at once be provided with: search of all available debtor resources, revealing all commercial and other relations of the debtor with other persons and structures around the world, potential and actual verification of his current and actual solvency, as well as search of other useful information about the debtor, which will provide a complete understanding of his real status and the prospect of debt collection.



Should your organization wish to be provided with some type of a report, we kindly ask you to send us your request to our corporate email:, our specialists will contact you in the nearest future.