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Ukraine has for the first time started physical imports of gas from Hungary


For the first time in its history, Ukraine has started the physical import of gas from Hungary, said Serhiy Makogon, the head of the GTS of Ukraine Operator LLC, on his Facebook page on Tuesday.


According to him, previously the GTS of Ukraine could work only in the direction of Hungary, but after the technical measures, it was possible to transport gas in both directions.


"The Hungarian route became the second guaranteed gas supply route to Ukraine after Slovakia, even in the absence of transit. The opening of this route created an opportunity for traders to organize LNG liquefied gas supply to Ukraine from a terminal in Croatia," Makogon said.


According to the OGTSU, the nomination for the import of natural gas from Hungary to Ukraine on February 1 is 4.7 million cubic meters. m, including almost 3 million cubic meters. m - physical supplies.

As reported, the agreement concluded at the end of December 2021 between the operators of OGTSU and FGSZ allows to physically transport up to 8 million cubic meters. m of natural gas / day (2.9 billion cubic meters / year) from Hungary to Ukraine. Currently, the reservation of guaranteed capacity for natural transportation in this direction is valid until September 30, 2022.


Together with the available 27 million cubic meters. m of daily capacity from Slovakia, this increases the total guaranteed capacity for gas imports to Ukraine to 35 million cubic meters. m / day.

During the monthly auction for capacity allocation in February 2022, 124.8 million cubic meters were reserved. m (4.46 million cubic meters per day) for gas supplies from Hungary to Ukraine.


Imports of natural gas to Ukraine from the EU in 2021 decreased by 6.2 times (by 13.34 billion cubic meters) compared to 2020 - to 2.56 billion cubic meters. m. Imports were mainly made by virtual reverse (backhaul), and its share in the total supply in 2021 was 89%.


The main share of supplies to Ukraine in 2021 was from Hungary - 2.198 billion cubic meters. m, as well as Slovakia - 0.285 billion cubic meters. m and Poland - 0.079 billion cubic meters. m.